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You know your vehicle needs regular maintenance in order to run well, but do you know when it's time for an engine tune up? First, it's important to know what a tune up involves and how it benefits your vehicle. Over the years, a lot has changed — vehicles now have different engine and timing components so there's a whole new meaning for getting your car ‘tuned up&.

What is an Engine Tune Up?

Back in the day, vehicles required frequent tune ups to keep the engine running smoothly. This included replacing the ignition wires, distributor cap and rotor. Modern vehicles no longer have these components.

Today, tune ups refer to replacing and servicing specific ignition and fuel system components. Typically, if you follow the manufacturer recommended maintenance schedule, your tune up appointment is part of your 50,000 to 100,000kms appointment. It's important to know that some manufacturers recommend extended spark plug replacement intervals (160,000kms to 196,000kms). Although the spark plug may be appropriately rated for that long interval, removing the spark plug may be more difficult as it's been in the engine for such a long time. If the spark plug breaks in the cylinder, the cost to extract it is significant. Therefore, we still recommend spark plug replacement at around the 100,000kms milestone.

Is It Time for Your Engine Tune Up Appointment?

Most manufacturers will recommend engine tune ups every 100,000 kms or every two years. However, this number should really depend on other, more relevant factors besides the mileage covered. You should listen to your vehicle, consider how often and how you drive, and consult a car care professional to avoid engine damage that occurs from aging parts.

At AutoNiche, we offer engine tune ups and regular car maintenance services. Our team can help you better assess when your vehicle needs a tune up. If it is due, we will perform our multi-point inspection and tune-up service, which includes:

  • For older vehicles, checking the ignition timing & replacing distributor cap and rotor (if needed)
  • For newer vehicles, ensuring the ignition system is operating as it should
  • Replacing the fuel filter (if applicable)
  • Replacing spark plugs, checking plug wires and leads and replacing any wires or leads as necessary
  • Servicing the battery terminals & including cleaning cables, adding distilled water and cleaning the terminals
  • Checking and replacing the car's air filter
  • Inspecting all engine belts and replacing them as needed

A timely engine tune up is essential for prolonging the life of your vehicle's engine and overall performance. If you aren&t sure when your vehicle is due for a tune up, bring it to AutoNiche today for an assessment.

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