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Model tested:

  • 2015 Nissan Micra SR
  • 1.6L In-line 4 Cylinder engine (109HP)
  • 5-speed manual transmission
  • Front-wheel drive
  • Seating capacity: 5
  • Road Test Terrain: 75% city, 25% highway (we travelled 1,390kms!)
  • Tested MSRP: $15,748 CAD

The 2015 Nissan Micra is a highly-anticipated supermini car that was released earlier this year in North America. It has been around for quite some time in Europe and other foreign markets. The base price comes in at $9,998 CAD with a lot of features given the low price. Here's what we noticed about the 2015 Nissan Micra:

2015 NISSAN MICRA | AutoNiche image #2

Exterior design

This car visually looked like it was having fun! The trim level we road tested came with a rear spoiler, side sill, and fog lights. With its wide headlamp and beefed up rims, the car definitely gave off a youthful vibe. You can tell right away that this car is headed for those ‘small car& parking spaces… a definite advantage in urban areas.

Exterior Design | 2015 NISSAN MICRANISSAN-2015-MICRA-wheel

Interior design

The interior felt spacious given the small size of the Micra and was designed with the basics in mind. It took advantage of mounting various controls on the steering column and we had a 4.3” colour display for our audio entertainment system.

Interior Design | 2015 NISSAN MICRANISSAN-2015-MICRA-steering-wheel

The Micra gave a nod to the old school way of manual climate controls & check out the recirculating door lever! We haven&t seen this in AGES!

Interior Design | 2015 NISSAN MICRA image #2

The car's Bluetooth was very (surprisingly) easy to set up through its voice recognition system. It was honestly easier to set up than other vehicles we&ve road tested with touchscreen functions!

Interior Design | 2015 NISSAN MICRA image #3

One thing we noticed, the rear bench's head rests are quite large and took some getting used to in terms of seeing them in the rearview mirror. More on these headrests in the child car seat section below.

Interior Design | 2015 NISSAN MICRA image #4

Trunk space

Here's another thing that surprised us & the ample trunk space. Again, we&ve road tested a few small cars in our day and this trunk space more than served our needs for daily errands. Have a look:

Trunk Space | 2015 NISSAN MICRANISSAN-2015-MICRA-trunk-full

If you&re running errands around town, how much more space do you really need?

Under the hood

The engine bay is laid out well, with the basic maintenance items for car owners located up top (battery, fluid reservoirs, engine oil dipstick, etc).

Under the Hood | 2015 NISSAN MICRA

The basic maintenance items are located together, making it easy to do a quick visual check. Below is the battery, brake and coolant fluid reservoirs, and air filter (if you&re feeling inclined to check/replace) in one shot on the left front side of the engine. Just a note, the battery is located close to an engine ground which makes it a bit quicker to set up when you&re trying to jump-start the car.

Under the Hood | 2015 NISSAN MICRA image #2

Lastly, the reservoirs are clear enough to read the minimum and maximum levels. Just a note though that although the coolant reservoir is located up top, you have to take the reading up close and to the side of the engine bay & it's a bit buried in there.

Under the Hood | 2015 NISSAN MICRA image #3

Child car seat

The 2015 Nissan Micra gets bonus points for a flat rear seat bench and easily accessible UAS anchors to install your child car seat. For rear-facing child car seat installations, you probably won&t need pool noodles to get the correct angle, unless your child car seat doesn&t come with a built-in recline feature. Keep in mind that because the Micra is small, you will likely lose the front passenger seat because it will be pushed forward to accommodate a rear-facing child car seat behind it. In terms of installing a forward-facing child car seat, you may need to remove the rear headrests (depending on the design of the child car seat) to get the seat to sit flush with the car's seatback. The tether anchors are located just behind the seatback, you can see them in the empty trunk image posted earlier in this article.

Child Car Seat | 2015 NISSAN MICRA

Overall, the 2015 Nissan Micra is a good buy for someone who wants a small car to get around from A to B in the city. We can definitely see its place in the auto market & the car is quite zippy and you can navigate it through crowded city streets easily. Oh, and the fuel economy is envious. We filled up for $45 and got a fuel range of 658kms!

Child Car Seat | 2015 NISSAN MICRA image #2

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