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When it comes to your car, there is no such thing as being too safe. Tire installation and repairs are an extremely important factor in vehicle safety and improving the overall lifespan of your car. Just like taking care of your own body, it's important to ensure that all parts of your car are in working order, and this is especially true for your car's tires. Leave your tire installation and repair needs in the hands of the trained and certified professionals at AutoNiche.

Why Do You Need Professional Tire Installation and Repair?

Much like ourselves, our vehicles also have very specific needs. When you have a health issue, you see a doctor who is trained and experienced to address your concerns and provide suitable treatment. So why would you trust just anyone to resolve your car problems? It is important to tend to your tire installation and repair needs appropriately and seek the assistance of trained professionals.

At AutoNiche, you can count on us to capably handle the following aspects of tire installation and repair:

  • We are able to fully assess the condition and tread life of your tires.
  • We strictly adhere to all safety codes and standards to ensure your safety.
  • We inspect and examine all the important components of your tires (lug nuts, wheels).
  • We provide honest and necessary recommendations to our customers based on their unique needs—if your tires need replacement rather than repair or vice versa, we will always tell you so.

Key Points About Our Professional Tire Service

At AutoNiche, we don&t take shortcuts. Here's how we properly service your tires.

  • Tire Repair: There are two options when sealing a puncture & an inside patch or an outside plug. The technicians at AutoNiche will correct the puncture with an inside patch. This allows us to dismount the tire and inspect the integrity of the tire on the inside. If the tire was driven with low tire pressure, there is the possibility that the inside wall of the tires have been damaged by the rim. Sealing a tire puncture with an outside patch will not allow the technician to discern if there has been any damage to the inside of the tire. We don&t take any chances when it comes to vehicle safety, and this is why we repair tire punctures with an inside patch. After the patch is installed, we re-mount and balance the tire.
  • Tire Installation: We hand-torque each wheel nut. The danger in using solely an impact gun when tightening a wheel nut is that it can leave the nut too tight or too loose. Obviously, loose nuts will allow the wheel to fall off the vehicle and this poses an immense safety hazard. Wheel nuts that are too tight will make it difficult to remove the wheel at a later date, perhaps when you need to change a flat tire. In other cases, when you remove a nut that is on too tight, you may end up breaking the wheel stud altogether. Nuts that are not evenly torqued may also cause damage to other vehicle systems, for example the brake rotors may warp. We follow manufacturer specifications when we tighten each wheel nut, every time.

What is Covered in Your Tire Installation Service?

Tire installation and tire repair are comprehensive processes that entail a variety of tests, inspections, and procedures. At AutoNiche, we pride ourselves on providing a complete package which will ensure the safety, longevity, and overall quality of your car.

During your tire service appointment, we take care of:

  • Removal of old tires from wheels
  • Tire mounting
  • Inspection of lug nuts and wheels
  • Sealing of tires
  • Installation of new valve stems as required
  • Inflation and proper balancing of each tire

Without professional tire service and maintenance, your car's tires are susceptible to dramatically lower levels of traction and an increased likelihood of tire blow outs. The importance of a professional tire installation and tire repair is paramount to the safety and reliability of your car. It also leads to higher fuel efficiency and a smoother, more comfortable ride


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