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1. They Do More for Your Vehicle than You Realize

Exhaust systems, including mufflers, have evolved over the past few years and there is a huge difference in the technology today compared to even five years ago. Various components are located within the exhaust system including the catalytic converter and multiple oxygen sensors. These parts ensure that harmful emissions are lowered, and your exhaust system reduces the noise your vehicle makes while driving. In a nutshell, a well-maintained muffler and exhaust system is better for everyone & you, your car and the environment.

2. Do You Need a Muffler Repair or Exhaust Service?

Your vehicle's engine produces smoke and fumes that are hazardous. If the exhaust system are not functioning properly, you could be at risk. It is important, therefore, to have your muffler and exhaust system checked regularly.

Exhaust systems degrade for various reasons, including age, weather and heat. Also, your muffler can become damaged if you take a bump too harshly and it detaches from the frame due to a rusted mounting bracket. If you notice irregular sounds or clanking noises coming from the muffler, it is likely you will need a car mechanic to take a look and perform repairs. If you see any indication of rust or holes in the muffler, those are also signs that you require repair work.

3. What Does a Muffler Repair Appointment Involve?

Depending on your vehicle's exhaust system, the repair job may be simple or fairly complex. Worn or missing brackets are easier to replace than a cracked or rusted muffler, while an exhaust manifold replacement will be more extensive.

If you suspect something is wrong with your vehicle's exhaust system, AutoNiche can help assess and diagnose the issue. Whether you need simple muffler replacement or a complete exhaust system overhaul, our trained and skilled technicians will get it done efficiently. Some of the repairs that your car may require at our muffler shop include:

Because your exhaust system is critical to your vehicle's safety and performance, bring your vehicle in to AutoNiche if you suspect issues with the system. During oil changes and tune-ups, our technicians will also regularly inspect the exhaust components to help prevent last minute, costly replacements.

Book an appointment for your car's Muffler Repair and Exhaust Maintenance services. Call us today!

  • Muffler & The muffler reduces exhaust noise made by your engine. It may need replacement because it is cracked or rusted. After inspection, we can determine if you need a replacement muffler or if the unit needs to just be re-secured.
  • Exhaust Manifold & The manifold will be checked to ensure all mounts are secure and there are no cracks in the manifold itself. Pipes and the exhaust system will also be inspected and repaired/replaced if necessary.
  • Exhaust Pipes & This routes exhaust gases out of the engine's cylinder to the system. As part of the manifold inspection, pipes will be checked for proper mounting, rust, and cracks. If any issues are detected, these will be replaced or repaired.
  • Catalytic Converter & This component is critical to reducing emissions, and is located in the exhaust system. If you notice a roughness to how your vehicle runs, smoke coming from the tail pipe or frequent alerts for the “check engine” light, AutoNiche will inspect the catalytic converter for damage and replace if necessary.
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