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Vehicles today are highly complex and comprised of multiple electrical and mechanical components. In fact, you may not realize just how complex these systems are until a small lead or even a minor fuse gives out and your vehicle shows significant signs that affect performance. Diagnosing these issues, regardless of how simple or complex the technology does require an expert and a trained eye. After all, error codes can only offer so much in terms of insight; it takes a professional to pinpoint the cause of the error code and correct it.

Some Common Mechanical and Electrical Issues You Could Encounter

Some common reasons you may need to bring your vehicle in for diagnostics here at AutoNiche include:

  • Spark Plugs & Spark plugs that have become loose or faulty can prevent your vehicle from igniting fuel inside the cylinders. This might trigger engine misfire codes and cause your vehicle to run rough. Also, faulty spark plugs are responsible for reduced gas mileage and can quickly wear out your vehicle's catalytic converter.
  • Oxygen Sensors & The oxygen sensor monitors the actual air/fuel mixture burned in the engine. These sensors are part of the vehicle's emission control system. Too much air burned in the mixture will cause the engine to run hotter than specification, while too much fuel burned in the mixture will cause higher emissions.
  • Battery Issues & Your vehicle's battery may not have enough power to start the engine, or it may not be holding the proper charge. A related issue could be that the alternator isn&t charging properly and if this is the case, your vehicle could stall while driving.
  • Engine Coolant Temperature Sensors & These function just as the name suggests, it monitors your engine's temperature. Too high of a reading is an issue as the engine may overheat, and too low of a reading may cause higher emissions.
  • Fuses & Vehicles have fuse boxes just like homes and other electronics. Loose wires and blown fuses can turn off everything from your radio to not allowing the car to turn on.

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What to Expect During a Mechanical and Electrical Diagnostics Appointment

There are a host of problems that can occur with a vehicle's mechanical or electrical components. Some may be easily noticed and identifiable while some others may be damaging vehicle performance without your knowledge. This is why you will need to bring your vehicle in for diagnostics and repair. During these appointments, the technicians at AutoNiche will:

  1. Visually inspect the vehicle and look for loose cables, obvious repair issues, connection problems, etc.
  2. Use a diagnostic scan tool to read any error codes that may be responsible for illuminating dashboard warning lights.
  3. Check wiring diagrams and manufacturer's technical service bulletins.
  4. Provide diagnostic results as well as an estimate of what components may need replacement or repair.

If you have noticed that your vehicle has trouble starting, lights are going on and off on the dashboard or other potential electrical and mechanical issues are affecting performance, bring it in for diagnostics and auto repair in Markham, here at AutoNiche.

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