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The brakes are undoubtedly the most important, active safety system on your vehicle. It is not enough to bring your car in for auto maintenance services when it breaks down. In fact, to keep your vehicle safe, your technician needs to perform routine checks and service or replace your vehicle's brakes as soon as they start to malfunction.

How Your Vehicle's Braking System Works

When you push the brake pedal, brake fluid moves through the brake lines from the master cylinder to the four wheels of your car. For a brake rotor and pad system, the brake fluid pushes the piston in the calipers out to the brake pads, which in turn squeeze the brake rotor on either side to stop the rotor from turning. For a brake drum and shoe system, the brake fluid pushes the piston in the wheel cylinders outwards to the brake shoes, which in turn push out against the brake drum to stop it from turning. Your vehicle either has the brake rotor and pad system, or a combination of the brake rotor/pad and brake drum/shoe systems.

Is It Time for Brake Repair?

Typically, your vehicle will exhibit warning signs when it is time for brake maintenance. By being on the lookout for these signs, you will know at a minimum when it is time to bring your vehicle in.

At AutoNiche, we offer comprehensive brake inspections and auto maintenance services If you notice any of these indicators that it is time to replace your brakes, bring it in to AutoNiche right away. Just some signs you may need brake maintenance include:

  • Noise & Any type of screeching, grinding or clicking when you apply the brakes is an indicator that your brake pads may be worn down or the rotors are corroded.
  • Pulling & If your vehicle pulls to one side, it may mean that the brakes on one side is not fully released because of seized caliper (piston or slider pins)
  • Low Brake Pedal & If your brake pedal requires you to push it all the way to the floor, your brake system absolutely needs to be inspected.
  • Braking Distance & When you require longer distances to come to a complete stop, your brakes may be worn.
  • Vibration & While braking, you notice that the brake pedal pulses or vibrates, even under normal braking conditions.

Trust in the team at AutoNiche to take care of all your brake system concerns. When you bring in your vehicle for brake repair and maintenance, we perform essential steps to ensure maximum safety, including:

  • Brake Inspection & Includes measuring the front and rear brake pads or brake shoes for wear, inspecting rotor or drum for corrosion or warpage, as well as inspecting brake fluid condition and the emergency brake system.
  • Brake Service & Includes cleaning caliper mounts and lubricating guide pins, cleaning brake pads, removing corrosion on brake rotors or brake drums, adjusting brake shoes (if applicable), and torqueing wheels to specification.
  • Brake Replacement & Includes cleaning caliper mounts and lubricating guide pins, installing new brake material, proper adjustment of brake shoes (if applicable), replacing brake fluid if needed, and torqueing wheels to specification.
  • Quality Brake Parts & If specific components of your brake system are failing, AutoNiche has the components necessary to repair your system. More importantly, AutoNiche only uses quality brake parts that meet or exceed manufacturer's specifications.

Brake inspections are the best way to ensure that your brake system is operating efficiently. Bring your vehicle in for an inspection or brake repair and receive quality replacement parts and service.

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