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Listen… And Know How Your Baby Purrrs


When you’re on the road, you may love to turn up the radio and listen to the music, but it’s important to turn down the volume regularly and listen to your car. If there’s a problem, you’ll often hear it first.

We often have clients who didn’t know there were problematic noises with their car because they thought it was a ‘normal’ sound for their car – the car’s getting older so they think it’s common to develop different noises. Well, yes and no…it depends on the type of noise. But if they’ve never listened to their car when it was newer and ‘healthy’ how would they know what it sounds like when it’s ‘unhealthy’?

Being able to describe the symptom also helps us in our diagnosis. When you take your car in for service because of a noise, we may ask:

  • What does it sound like: knock, squeak, scrape, roar, whine or rattle
  • What area of the car is it coming from: front, back, right or left side
  • When does it occur: hot days, cold days, when it’s wet or rainy
  • When does it happen: all the time or is it intermittent, upon acceleration, deceleration, coasting or turning a corner

Remember, if you don’t turn down the volume once in a while to listen to your car, by the time you hear the noise over the radio it may have been there for weeks, and has likely become worse. Next time there’s a break between songs on the radio, instead of flipping channels think of listening to your car for a bit.

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